So, what is in a name? Would a rose by any other smell as sweet, and all that? It’s been many centuries since Shakespeare first posed that question.

In our humble opinion, a name brings a vision to life. It carries significant importance in its birth and throughout its life. When it came to Spiritum, we wanted our brand and name to make a connection with women and how they take care of themselves. We wanted it to inspire a change in action which gave them a lift, a reprieve in their busy working lives. It was equally important that the name for our brand was something we could identity with as Founders that enabled and encouraged women to look good and feel good while doing good. What to call this brand baby of ours?

Well, as modern women we turned to our dear friend Google, and we found the perfect name, evocative of the essence of our brand and our business!

Spiritum means breath in Latin. Breath is central to life and our health workers play an integral role in keeping us safe and well. Spiritum Scrubs, Scresses and Scrumpsuits feature highest quality fabric that makes you feel fabulously confident while you work, in garments that breathe – you know what the alternative feels like! Our clothing is designed to be breathable, functional and let us not forget fashionable. We want you to look good and feel good while you are doing good.

Spiritum extends beyond our range of clothing – we want to equip you with the tools to help you live your best life and so we regularly share strategies and techniques to enable you to take a breath and fill your cup. This will come to life through Spiritum Wellbeing in our blogs and newsletters. This fills our cup!

Cindy and Annemarie xx