Have you met Annemarie and Cindy, our co-founders?

We thought it was high time we pulled them into the spotlight to share a little about themselves, their (incredible!) professional backgrounds and their journey to Spiritum.

First up – here's Annemarie:

Annemarie likes to think of herself as a “bitza” - a bit of this and a bit of that. She was born in San Franciso to Kiwi (New Zealand) parents and has siblings that were born in Canada. They lived in a few different countries and cities around the world. As a young adult, Annemarie headed down to the antipodes to see where her parents had come from. She studied medicine in New Zealand and after venturing to Australia to continue her medical training now calls Australia home.

She has worked all over Australia and has a particular interest in rural and remote area medicine. Annemarie also continues to work as an international trekking guide and medical advisor.

Annemarie was brought up to be independent and to always ask “why not” rather than why! This has remained a constant pillar of her life with her approach to all things as one of curiosity.

Annemarie remembers her first day on the job as an intern: She had made it! There she was, out of university, a professional career woman about to progress proudly on her medical path. Then she was handed her first pair of scrubs – smelly, threadbare, sweat stained. Just yuck! They were hardly empowering or uplifting, and she certainly didn’t look good or feel good as she sweated her way through her first day as a fully-fledged doctor. They did serve a purpose, those sad scrubs – it was there that the seed for her own scrubs was planted. Now she is the co-founder of Spiritum Scrubs and Spiritum Wellbeing – the aim of which is to empower women to find balance in their lives and their inner sparkle.

Now, say hello to Cindy:

What is in a name? Cindy also grew up in the United States as a daughter of an Australian mum and an American dad. In her late teens, she immigrated to Australia where she was given the nickname Bridgey. Why, you might ask? Well, her maiden name was Harbour and Cindy Harbour was always a tongue twister for those who only had a reference to Sydney Harbour. Welcome to Australia!

She was raised by a strong single mum who instilled in her the belief that anything was possible. She studied Commerce at Uni and completed a post grad in Human Resource Management and embraced the world of corporate Australia, leading large teams who were transforming businesses. For Cindy, the magic happened when the people she led surprised and delighted customers. There was a mantra when it came to the customer experience that empowered every team member, ‘own it in the moment, the impact is forever.’ This reflected the impact her people and services had on the success and long-term sustainability of the businesses they worked with.

Cindy has a real passion for empowering women and building both the skill and confidence to show up as the best version of them self. In fact,this was a core focus of her leadership in her corporate life.And now, after many years of supporting businesses to grow and prosper, she is delighted to join their ranks as a business owner and as the co-founder of Spiritum.

Spiritum Founders Annemarie Newth and Cindy Batchelor, in hiking gear in the bush

Bringing these incredible products to women in the health sector brings passion, joy, challenge and personal growth, a reflection of the very essence of Spiritum – find your Sparkle so that you look good and feel good while you are doing good.

So, that’s our wonderful co-founders, Annemarie and Cindy. The only thing they love more than empowering and uplifting women is good Melbourne coffee or chai – a skinny cappuccino for Annemarie and a chai latte for Cindy.

They are working hard to get their first range of scrubs to market before the end of the year. They can’t wait to share them with you!

From the Founders - Cindy & Annemarie x

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