You might be wondering why the word ‘sparkle’ is used so much in Spiritum communications. Spiritum is not just a scrub company but rather a way of being. While you already do good in your work and we know you will look good in Spiritum Scrubs, we also want you to feel good by finding your inner sparkle.

Welcome to the inside out view – finding what makes you sparkle on the inside and how to maintain your sparkle through all that life throws at you. It is about building your inner confidence in all aspects of your life ... be it in your work, setting financial goals, becoming a healthier version of yourself, getting more sleep and the list goes on.

We will share information, techniques, and connections to help you find the balance in life that we all strive for so we can sparkle in all that we do.

Get your Sparkle on…

Annemarie gets her sparkle on:

  • In her morning routine of getting up to the gym at 5:45. This sets her up with a great mindset for the day.
  • Breakfast ready for work.
  • A breakfast protein shake filled with berries, yoghurt, seeds provides nutritious fuel to keep her body going for the day.
  • By having fun and laughing – the antics of her fur babies Zeus and Hera (her delightful cats) always make her smile!
Two cats

Look who’s sparkling…

Please stand in front of a mirror or window, anything in which you can see your reflection. Focus on one thing that makes you feel wonderful and sparkly. Hold onto that today as you navigate whatever comes your way. This works for Annemarie throughout her day. Remember you are doing it and doing it well!


We are creating a world for you, our customers, to look good in fabulous scrubs so you can feel good while you do good. We’d love to know your top tips for helping you to sparkle.

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Annemarie & Cindy x